We have never had as a species, as far as I am aware, access to so much knowledge as we do now. Books delivered to our homes, the internet, online learning etc.

Yet we still cannot see through the propaganda, or discern Truth in a meaningful enough way to avoid war.

Therefore, I believe the problem we find ourselves is not one of intelligence, but rather of a deep rooted lack of empathy.

This lack of consciousness, expressing itself as egoic attachment to ‘power’, ‘greed’, ‘fame’, ‘lust’ etc.

In my view, these things, and therefore the current situation stems from an inability to love. Deep unconsciousness.

The remedy then, would be for each of us to learn rapidly to operate consciously, from love in each moment.

This is what I believe is means to “wake up”, as opposed to simply “knowing” more than those victims of the propaganda machine.

Our job now, may be to produce a place of loving refuge, for those who begin to recognize the betrayal by the institutions in which trust was placed.

This thread is only my view.