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Introducing the all new deGoogled Pixel 7 privacy smartphone, by Noiz Cyber Security. Yes that’s right, we are deGoogling Google’s own pixel devices. This isn’t only to be a bit cheeky, the devices themselves have some really great hardware. We really don’t like it when big tech companies practice surveillance and data collection on regular men and women.

That’s why we are offering a new deGoogled Pixel 7, with a customized, privacy focused operating system, that strips out all of the junk, leaving you with the most private and secure smartphone.


Display: 6.3-inch full-screen display up to 90 Hz smooth display.

Camera: Rear camera system: 50 MP Wide lens, 12 MP ultrawide lens.

Memory: 8 GB RAM.

Storage: 128 GB or 256 GB Storage.


A brand new deGoogled Pixel 7 smartphone, flashed with a customized, Google free privacy and security respecting operating system.

OS: GrapheneOS.

Processor: Tensor G2.

Rear Camera: 50 MP wide camera, 12 MP ultrawide camera.

Front Camera: 10.8 MP.

Battery: Typical 4270 mAh, 24+ hour battery life. Fast wireless charging.

Material: Made from recycled materials, with beautiful matte aluminum finish & unique colours.

Security: Fingerprint unlock, private by design operating system.

Connectivity: 5G (although we’re not too happy about it, we’d prefer you throw your phone in the ocean and use wired connections)

Disclaimer: While we receive the device new directly from the manufacturer, the moment we flash the operating system the warranty is void. Because of this, we cannot provide a warranty on hardware faults at all. We provide a 12-month warranty on Software faults only.

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Lemongrass, Snow, Obsidian


128 GB, 256 GB




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